Get to know Elsie the cow.

A practically unabridged history of the one and only Elsie the Cow.

  1. 1932

    Born at Elmhill Farm in Brookfield, Massachusetts.

  2. [IMAGE] Elsie the Cow 1938

    Borden introduces Elsie the Cow as the symbol for its line of products. Elsie appears in magazines and newspapers, as well as on billboards. Her popularity soars. Borden is flooded with fan mail.

  3. 1939

    The real, live Elsie the Cow is introduced to the world at the 1939 New York World’s Fair.

  4. 1940

    Elsie accepts role in the motion picture, "Little Men." Opens to rave reviews. Elsie marries her love, Elmer, and they decide to start a family.

  5. 1942

    Elsie tours the country with new daughter, Beulah, supporting the war effort by promoting U.S War Bonds.

  6. 1947

    Another baby on the way. Elsie gives birth to Beauregard at New York’s Macy’s department store. A million people enter a contest to name the new baby bull.

  7. 1957

    Elsie continues to tour with Elmer, Beulah, Beauregard and new twins, Larabee and Labelia.

  8. 1999

    Elsie celebrates her 60th birthday at a special party in New York City.

  9. [IMAGE] Elsie the Cow 2000

    Elsie is named one of the Top Ten advertising icons of all time by Advertising Age.

  10. 2007

    Elsie helps Borden celebrate 150 years of Borden® Brand products.

  11. 2008

    A campaign is launched to help demonstrate the mutually beneficial relationship American families and American farmers enjoy through the Borden brand.