100% of our proceeds go back to American dairy farmers, when you buy farmer-owned Borden® cheese.
  • Ashley G Thompson at 9:20pm, June 29

    My littlest are definitely a #BordenSuperFan <3

  • Amanda Landry at 9:07pm, June 29

    #BordenSuperFan I would make delious sdandwiches, salads, cookies, cakes, and so much more !

  • Borden Cheese at 9:00pm, June 29

    What would you make with free cheese and butter for a year? Let us know. Just remember to use #BordenSuperFan. We pick a new winner every month!

    • Paula Rivers at 6:23am, June 30

      Homemade breads and cookies and pies with the butter... Pizzas and cheese balls and lots of Italian dishes with the cheese! Yum!!! That would be amazing!! #BordenSuperFan

    • Mary Ann Haney at 9:39pm, June 29

      Homemade Pimento Cheese and use my BORDEN'S Butter too butter my Bread and too make my favorite GRILLED PIMENTO BORDEN'S CHEESE SANDWICH , YUMMY . Along with all my other home cooking. #BordenSuperFan

    • Kay Zarrugh at 12:12pm, June 30

      grlled cheese, cheese souffle, scalloped potatoes with cheese, lots of macaroni & cheese, the list goes on and on. Thanks for the chance to be a #BordenSuperFan

    • Amber DaBears at 9:35pm, June 29

      #BordenSuperFan my 4 year old eats slices of cheese for snacks, on sandwiches or however he just loves Borden cheese

    • Leona Gibbs at 9:30pm, June 29

      #BordenSupeFan What don't I make with cheese and butter? Nachos of course, mac and cheese, grilled cheese and tomato soup and butter on most everything. Enchiladas, tacos and tostados

    • Barbara Caldwell at 4:33pm, June 30

      Big grilled cheese sandwiches-Cheese omlets- Garlic butter bread-cheese toast --#BordenSuperFan

    • Anna Bottaro at 2:23pm, June 30

      Home made pie crusts with real butter are best! Also, make lasagna often and as a #BordenSuperFan this prize would be great!

    • Peggy Frikken at 9:14am, June 30

      love cheese especially bordens butter and cheese

    • Rachel Stein at 9:16pm, June 29

      there is so many things i can do with the bordens cheese or butter but i definately could live off grilled cheese sandwiches #BordenSuperFan

    • Shelia Begley at 11:32am, June 30

      I LOVE BORDEN CHEESE and butter..but the cheese in macaroni ohhhhh I could eat a ton..love it love...love grilled cheese..just everything cheesey..yuuummmmyyyy!!!

    • Tami Hale Seal at 11:14am, June 30

      #BordenSuperFan grilled cheese and yummy butter burgers with cheese

    • Margaret Maggie Porter at 6:54am, June 30

      we would have grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese, chees balls, pasta with cheese, lasagna. Yum! #BordenSuperFan

    • Nancy La Huis-Covell at 8:58am, June 30

      We would eat it! We go thru lots of cheese and butter. In fact, I'm out of butter right now! Ugh! #BordenSuperFan

    • Robin Jedele-Pescador at 12:06am, June 30

      #BordenSuperFan My sons and me would be cooking up some grilled cheese sandwiches for a year... <3 TYSM for the chance

    • Sheena L Fullmore at 10:58am, June 30

      lots of grilled eggs and cheese sandwiches in the AM , and baking cakes and more with butter .. WOW #BordenSuperFan.

    • Erin Leigh at 11:58pm, June 29

      Lots of homemade quesadillas and grilled cheese, things my kids never turn down!! We love and use Borden everyday!! Real #BordenSuperFan ❤️

    • Susan Sagona-Vargas at 6:37am, June 30

      Butter would be great i use it on toast fried eggs mac and cheese, Cookies muffins bread and so many other thing #BordenSuperFan.

    • Gayle Gilland Murray at 3:12am, June 30

      I would make grilled cheese sandwich, cheese toast, all kinds of casseroles, hamburgers, hot dogs, Mexican dishes, toast with butter. Butter is good on almost anything and in everything. #BordenSuperFan

    • Suzanne Maldovan Blythe at 6:23am, June 30

      Made Crock pot Mac and cheese last night!

    • Ann Marie Stelma Graff at 7:00am, June 30

      I would bake pies and homemade mac and cheese for my family.

    • Brianna Ketchum at 10:08pm, June 29

      lots of grilled cheese with the family!!

    • Calshondra Williams at 1:57pm, June 30

      I would make so many recipes with the cheese and butter if I win this fabulous prize for a year. Thanks for the opportunity and chance to win. #BordenSuperFan

    • Danny Weinstein at 6:37am, June 30

      macaroni and cheese, homemade cheese dip, and fondue

    • Carol ONeil at 4:18pm, June 30

      Mac&Cheese,cheese dips #BordenSuperFan.

    • Angela Angeles at 5:34am, June 30

      My toddler loves grilles ham and cheese for lunch almost every day just about so I could definitely use on her addiction lol #BordenSuperFan.

  • Borden Cheese at 10:00am, June 29

    We're giving away 4-packs of VIP tickets to the FC Kansas City match against the Washington Spirit this Friday! Share this post and leave a comment telling us why you should get to be a member of the Blue Crew. We’ll draw the lucky winners on Wednesday. #BordenSuperFan

    • Sean Schaefer at 3:36pm, June 30

      I think you should choose us to win the VIP tickets because my daughter loves FCKC and plays for FCKC juniors, Pink Panthers. Between work and soccer, we never have time to catch a game, and havent done anything all summer. It just so happens that this Friday we have no plans, but are a little light in the wallet because we're saving up to take a trip to Illinois for our daughter to chase her dream and tryout for ODP Regional team. This would be a great gift to her, watching her favorite team and players while relaxing and resting her body for ODP.

    • Jennifer Whittle Marchesano at 9:47am, June 30

      2 of my kiddos play soccer and love watching too. We are happy to support the hometown team!

    • Tara Wiltse McConnell at 8:19pm, June 30

      Our family would love to go :)

    • Claudia Ellis at 9:59pm, June 30

      Oh my daughters would love to go! We are have been dealing with my husband being in the hospital/ill for the past month and it has been hard on all of us. This would be the perfect little pick me up for them! Thanks for the chance to win Borden cheese and being so generous!

    • Marc Dickensheets at 1:19pm, June 30

      Because I love your eggnog in my coffee!

  • Melissa Craig Marcum at 8:51pm, June 28

    Another yummy salad thanks to Borden Cheese , it always makes them the best!! #BordenSuperFan

  • Borden Cheese at 12:00pm, June 27

    Who is the big cheese? Find out tonight as FC Kansas City takes on the Seattle Reign in a rematch of last year's championship match. The game is in Seattle, but we'll be there in spirit. And watching live at 9:30 p.m. CST. http://www.fckansascity.com/live-feed/

  • Nicol Bowers at 10:55pm, June 26

    OMG! Borden Cheese - As a 30ish single working mom of 3, I often feel a little guilty when I eat a hot, cheesy, melty American grilled sandwich with my kids.. I always have a moment's pause and think "Am I too old to still love the gooey goodness of an grilled cheese?" but then my mouth begins to water a little and my eyes glaze over and then... then.. my plate is empty and I feel like a little kids again.. at least for a minute.. PURE HEAVEN! #BordenSuperFan

  • Borden Cheese at 4:30pm, June 26

    Kick your classic grilled cheese up a notch by adding marmalade, a tasty and fun new twist for the summer.

  • Borden Cheese at 3:00pm, June 26

    We beat them in the championship game last year and in our first rematch in April. Will FC Kansas City come out on top again against the Seattle Reign?

  • Melissa Craig Marcum at 12:34pm, June 26

    Oooey goooey deliciousness is one way to describe this cheese <3 #BordenSuperFan

  • Borden Cheese at 11:25am, June 26

    Go Team USA! As the lead sponsor of FC Kansas City, we have been watching our own Amy Rodriguez, Heather O'Reilly, Lauren Holiday and Becky Sauerbrunn fight hard for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup. Check out our FC Kansas City players in this photo, and be sure to watch USA vs China today at 6:30 PM! #USWNT #WorldCup

  • Melissa Craig Marcum at 2:04pm, June 25

    Some of our most delicious meals have included this delicious cheese <3 #BordenSuperFan

  • Borden Cheese at 2:00pm, June 25

    100% of our proceeds go back to American dairy farm families because Borden Cheese is made by a 100% farmer-owned cooperative. #NationalDairyMonth

    • Kelly Lake at 4:40pm, June 25

      And that's one of the main reasons I buy Borden! #SupportTheFarmers

  • Borden Cheese at 2:00pm, June 23

    Did you know? You should store cheese in the vegetable crisper drawer of your fridge. The temperature and humidity are just right. (Not that we ever have any left over to store.) #FoodHack #NationalDairyMonth

  • Melissa Craig Marcum at 11:09am, June 23

    Thanks for making my family's meals so very delicious :) #BordenSuperFan

  • Melissa Craig Marcum at 6:03am, June 22

    <3 this cheese :D #BordenSuperFan

  • Melissa Craig Marcum at 6:00am, June 22

    Can you say string cheese? just one more reason why we are a#BordenSuperFan <3 <3

  • Rhonda Hagy Miller at 10:22pm, June 21

    #BordenSuperFan<<<<<-------thats me!!

  • Borden Cheese at 12:00pm, June 21

    Today is the longest day of the year, delivering an impressive 15 hours of daylight (around 6 more hours than the shortest day of the year). Here are some fun activities to fill those extra hours. http://www.parenting.com/article/fun-things-to-do-summer

  • Borden Cheese at 9:00am, June 21

    Happy #FathersDay to all the great dads out there!

  • Cindy Vincent at 1:16pm, June 20

    #BordenSuperFan My granddaughter loves Kid Builder String Cheese, she always says "More please."

  • Shannon AndBrad Smith at 9:11am, June 20

    #BordenSuperFan string cheese, I love you so, string cheese, I will never let you go. :)

  • Borden Cheese at 9:00am, June 20

    Looking for a cool way to celebrate Father's Day? How about a picnic? Just throw together some wraps, chips and fruit, and you're ready for a day of family fun at the local park. #FathersDay http://friendsofelsie.com/recipes/detail/92/rappin-tuna-cheese-wrap

  • Holly Lafty at 7:44am, June 20

    #BordenSuperFan free cheese for a year My kids would Love It thanks!!!!!

  • Rick Weitzel at 11:45pm, June 19

    #BordenSuperFan My Borden Cheese American and Sharp Singles always like to tingle my tongue as they mingle on the way down.