100% of our proceeds go back to American dairy farmers, when you buy farmer-owned Borden® cheese.
100% Farmer-Owned
  • Nancy Gail Thayer at 6:21am, January 27

    We're cheese lovers and #BordenSuperFan s too! Cheese omelets for breakfast, grilled sandwiches with Borden cheese for lunch and cheesy casseroles for dinner.

  • Borden Cheese at 1:15pm, January 26

    One post. That’s all it takes to enter for your chance to win free cheese for a year. Write a post on your feed about why you’re a Borden Super Fan to enter. Don’t forget to include the #BordenSuperFan hashtag! Only a few more days and we’ll select a winner!

    • Marilyn Wall at 1:56pm, January 26

      been a #BordenSuperFan since I was a child and not saying how long that has been but its been a long long long time and is the best in everything from simple Grill cheese to fancy taco pie or spaghetti bake just darn good and creamy too

    • Teri Hilger at 6:14am, January 27

      #BordenSuperFan I grew up with Borden Chees and Milk in Wisconsin the cheese capital. Now that I live in NY I'm lucky enough to also buy it here for my family.Yay Elsie!!!

    • Rob Fiorenza at 4:48am, January 27

      I'm a #BordenSuperFan because its so delicious

    • Patti Dighans Lantz at 11:30pm, January 26

      #BordenSuperFan :-) Best Cheese in America

    • Susan Laude at 10:01pm, January 26

      Borden Cheese is delicious, a very good price, and Elsie is cute! #BordenSuperFan

    • Brittany Kirk Steuart at 4:35pm, January 26

      I'd love to win

    • Jennifer Vega at 3:24pm, January 26

      My whole family loves Borden cheese it is the only brand we use and with 4 kids living at home - we use ALOT! #BordenSuperFan

    • Nicole Ford at 2:58pm, January 26

      I am a #BordenSuperFan because I am addicted to it

    • Rita Spratlen at 1:54pm, January 26

      I love your cheese and would love to win this! #BordenSuperFan

    • Sean Fiorenza at 1:51pm, January 26

      I could eat your cheese all day long #BordenSuperFan

    • Nancy Fiorenza at 1:45pm, January 26

      I have been a #BordenSuperFan since I was 3 and I am 47 now best cheese ever for generations to come

    • Mary Beaudoin at 1:36pm, January 26

      #Bordensuperfan, best cheese

    • Terri Dailey at 6:15pm, January 26

      #BordenSuperfan My whole family loves Borden cheese! My husband and I grew up eating Borden cheese can't imagine buying anything else! It is Delicious!!!!

  • Borden Cheese at 10:45am, January 23

    It’s national pie day, and you don’t have to be a master baker to celebrate.

  • Andree Glover Kauchick at 10:43am, January 23

    I like Borden cottage cheese. Does anyone in the Hattiesburg, Ms area sell it?

    • Borden Cheese at 5:53pm, January 26

      Hi Andree - Borden cottage cheese is manufactured and distributed by Dean Foods. They can be reached at 1-800-395-7004.

  • Cheryl Francis at 7:31pm, January 19

    I'm not a spammer at all. I'm just a goofy artist that created this awesome tshirt and I thought maybe fans and employees of Borden might appreciate it. It's only 12 bucks with free shipping. lol...love me some grilled cheese. :) Thanks!! http://shirt.woot.com/offers/american-sinlges?ref=cnt_wp_1_18

  • Borden Cheese at 9:15am, January 19

  • Diana Smith Hill at 4:47am, January 19

    #BordenSuperFan Slices makes great sandwiches!

  • Tina Laha at 7:21pm, January 18

    Appreciate the moldy cheese I just opened that doesn't expire for 3 more months.

    • Borden Cheese at 11:06am, January 20

      Hi Tina, we're so sorry to hear about your recent experience with our cheese. We would love to take care of this for you and get some more information so we can send this to our quality team. Please send us a private message so we can send you some follow up questions regarding your experience. Thanks so much for choosing Borden Cheese!

  • Kimberly Junor at 5:06pm, January 17

    #bordensuperfan I love your cheese bc well it's cheese!! My favorite food!! <3

  • Borden Cheese at 2:53pm, January 17

    It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s a…Borden Super Fan? If you love Borden Cheese and the family farmers who support us, write a quick post on your feed telling us why. Use the hashtag #BordenSuperFan, and you could win free cheese for a year! A winner will be selected at the end of the month!

    • Donna Quarles at 4:50pm, January 17

      #BordenSuperFan I love it because it taste so good and I can afford it.

    • Charles Congleton at 5:34pm, January 19

      #BordenSuperFan I love Borden it is all I have ever used and will continue to use..Your the best!!!ty

    • Megan Nicole Tilley at 9:53am, January 19

      #BordenSuperFan, Because it is simply delicious in every way possible!

    • Amanda Whitley at 8:55am, January 19

      Deb Charte

    • David Bell at 8:38am, January 19

      Cheese makes everything better #BordenSuperFan

    • Jennifer Etheridge at 1:33am, January 19

      Because it's cheese! In love cheese'. :). #BordenSuperFan

    • Dana Matthews at 12:00am, January 19


    • Kristen Martinez at 10:45pm, January 18

      I love Borden Cheese for the awesome taste at an affordable price :D #BordenSuperFan

    • Anita Triglia Mitchell at 10:23pm, January 18

      #BordenSuperFan Woot Woot! We are a Super fan! Love

    • Donna Lowe at 9:20pm, January 18

      I Love this we make grilled cheesesandwiches with these all the time.. yuy

    • Allison Anderson at 9:05pm, January 18

      My mom loves Mac & Cheese more than me.

    • Debbie Penney at 7:09pm, January 18

      It's the BEST! #BordenSuperFan

    • Sally Sweeper Hernandez at 6:35pm, January 18

      #BordenSuperFan liked and shared I love Borden because it's fresh and doesn't taste like some of that nasty processed stuff which is cheaper in the grocery store. I always buy Borden :)

    • Lin Cox at 5:46pm, January 18

      #BordenSuperFan, I love your mascot Elsie, had a dear Aunt with the same name...your cheese has always delivered a great taste to our family over the years!

    • Mary Dailey at 5:07pm, January 18

      Borden is a name we all know and love. It's been around a long time and I know because I'm old! Thanks for the chance! #BordenSuperFan!

    • Rita Spratlen at 3:43pm, January 18

      #BordenSuperFan I made a statement on my page on how it melts in your mouth and tastes so good on everything!! Love your cheese!!

    • Trish Delgado at 3:35pm, January 18

      It tastes fresh EVERYTIME!

    • Susan Jackson at 3:10pm, January 18

      #BordenSuperFan I have always loved Borden even as a child. I remember Borden Dairy when it was located in Madison, WI. ;-) I got to take a tour through it. I lived not to far from it. Yummy products!

    • Stephanie Buddy'sMom Beaver at 2:57pm, January 18

      Tasty delicious and nutritious. Addicting as well in a good way. #BordenSuperFan

    • Lori Whatley at 2:10pm, January 18

      We are super fans at our house here for Borden! Borden cheese makes our meals tasty! We even buy borden milk! witout those farmers, we wouldn't have great food to choose. thnx! #BordenSuperFan

    • Mary Rutter at 2:01pm, January 18

      Make everyone happy and make some grilled cheese sandwiches with Borden Cheese #BordenSuperFan

    • Charlene Lopes Peacock at 1:11pm, January 18

      #BordenSuperFan, Love the varieties and cheese toast kinda mornings...

    • Barbara Lester-brown at 12:33pm, January 18

      I like Borden cheese because it taste like cheese should.#BordenSuperFan

    • Colleen Maul at 12:30pm, January 18

      I love cheese especially Borden. If your a cheese lover than this is the best cheese so far. #BordenSuperFan right here.

    • Sherri Crawford at 12:23pm, January 18

      #BordenSuperFan i love borden cheese i have it in the fridge right now and the farmers are awesome for making sure america has delicious food

  • Chandra Hammons at 2:56am, January 17

    I love your new borden melts they are awesome! Taste great!!

  • Borden Cheese at 11:47am, January 16

    When the weather turns cold and you need something to warm you up, what comfort foods do you enjoy most? Share those recipes!

    • Jody Arbogast at 2:24pm, January 18

      Cheese soup as always been my winter comfort food. My mom has passed. And she always used Borden Products. She made homemade cheese soup, we ate it so fast and never knew how she made it. My advice to people, is if your mother makes something you love, don't just slow down and eat it. Slow down and get the recipe. Thank you for the Awesome Products you have sharing with us for years!!! :-)

  • Steve Moreno at 1:11am, January 14


  • Borden Cheese at 3:31pm, January 13

  • Lisa Marie at 10:44pm, January 11

    Thank you so much for continuing to make a great product. I just wish my local store had coupons or more sales on your product. Unfortunately, I am often forced to purchase an inferior product due to price.

    • Borden Cheese at 10:23am, January 13

      Hi Lisa, thanks so much for being a fan and be sure to keep an eye out for our free-cheese give-a-ways on facebook!

  • Borden Cheese at 10:41am, January 10

    Farmers give their all to feed the masses, which is precisely why we give all our proceeds right back to them. Nobody deserves it more.

  • Borden Cheese at 10:31am, January 8

    Cheese is packed with the protein your body needs after working out, and is lower in sugar than many prepackaged bars and shakes.

  • Amy Bradley Parker at 10:02am, January 8

    Elsie and a fan!

  • Borden Cheese at 12:19pm, January 7

    It’s national soup month! Warm up with this family favorite that’s the perfect pair for a gooey grilled cheese.