100% of our proceeds go back to American dairy farmers, when you buy farmer-owned Borden® cheese.
  • Vanessa Schackow at 6:18pm, March 31

    How can I order lactose free cheese from Borden? It is in no stores around me

  • Borden Cheese at 1:05pm, March 31

    Well played, second mouse. Well played.

  • Laurie Arnheim at 2:43pm, March 27

    If I won free cheese & butter for a year, I would freeze some of it, and share with my wonderful friends! #BordenSuperFan

  • Borden Cheese at 12:30pm, March 27

    Let us know using #BordenSuperFan for the chance to win free cheese and butter for a year. We pick a new winner every month!

    • Keri Justice at 12:43pm, March 27

      #bordensuperfan Eat grilled cheese a LOT!! 😃

    • Kathleen Walsh at 12:32pm, March 27

      Share it with family and friends and enjoy it!! #BordonSuperFan

    • Debbie Tyler at 1:55pm, March 27

      I am a vegetarian and eat lots of Bordons cheese. I would really enjoy it

    • Jill Broder at 12:57pm, March 27

      I would be your undying loyal #BordenSuperFan forever!

    • Margaret Bailon-Labednick at 5:28pm, March 28

      Buy a bunch of crackers to share. #BordenSuperFan

    • Chasity Smith at 9:32pm, March 28

      Holy Smokes! I'd eat it of course! I might share some items lol just to get others to appreciate it! I've loved #Borden 4ever 💜 #BordenSuperFan 🐮

    • Mary Ann Haney at 10:29pm, March 29

      Be Very Happy to start, and then I would make some good homemade Mac and Borden cheese, put some in Frigidaire and rest of Borden cheese and butter in my freezer.

    • Traci Anderson at 12:36pm, March 27

      #BordenSuperFan I'd cook my family's favorite cheesiest meals!

    • Angela Swinson at 2:48pm, March 27

      Making memories and spending quality time together during lots of family meals <3 :) #BordenSuperFan

    • Bob Morella at 1:33pm, March 27

      I would share with family and friends and do alot of cooking with cheese which I do anyways - Grill Cheese Sandwiches - YUMMMM - Nachos YUMMM - Cheese on everything!!! #BordenSuperFan

    • Tammera Widell at 1:03pm, March 27

      Have a Cheese Party :)#BordenSuperFan

    • Makenzie Marks at 2:48pm, March 27

      Be happy and give some to the food bank.

    • Chris Shari Alligood at 1:44pm, March 27

      Celebrate with parties & cookouts for my family & friends! #BordenSuperFan

    • Karla Wilderom-Capper at 3:01pm, March 27

      Feed my kids, my Girl Scouts, and my Boy Scouts!

    • Vickie Gasiorowski at 12:52pm, March 27

      Eat and enjoy!

    • Ellie Sheely at 5:35pm, March 28

      eat it and use the cash saved to go in my retirement fund

    • Deborah Farris at 9:03pm, March 27

      I would be one happy camper!!! #BordenSuperFan

    • Brenda Dunaway Antonacci at 1:53pm, March 27

      I would make lasagne more often, homemade mac' and Borden's cheese, cheese cakes, cheeseburger soup, and a lot of other cheesy goodness! #BordenSuperFan

    • Debbie Smith at 1:30pm, March 27

      a cartwheel as long as i did not get hurt ;) #BordenSuperFan

    • Susan Laude at 12:56pm, March 27

      I am a #BordenSuperFan their Grilled Cheese slices are awesome!!

    • Nancy Fiorenza at 12:56pm, March 27

      Have a big party so we can all be #BordenSuperFan s

    • Carole Jacobs at 12:44pm, March 27

      Oh the fun new recipes I could enjoy creating with Borden cheese and butter. #BordenSuperFan

    • Rana Durham at 10:57pm, March 27

      I make all my homemade recipes include cheese and butter from savory too sweet! It has to have Bordens! #bordensuperfan

    • Troy Johnson at 5:24pm, March 27

      I'm a cheesehead from WI! #BordenSuperFan

    • Mendy Tubbs Dinsmore at 3:12pm, March 27

      Love Bordon

  • Borden Cheese at 3:30pm, March 23

    Today is National Chip & Dip Day. What’s your favorite chip to dip? Classic potato? Tortilla? Or pita? Test them out with this yummy recipe and let us know. #BordenSuperFan http://friendsofelsie.com/recipes/detail/225/southwest-spinach-dip

  • Scott McNulty at 3:03pm, March 22

    Curious about your stance on hormones. Nothing posted on here or your website.

    • Borden Cheese at 3:12pm, March 23

      Hi Scott! Thanks so much for the interest in Borden cheese. Currently, the milk and cream used to make our cheese does not come solely from dairy farmers who certify that their cows are not being treated with rbST or artificial growth hormones. According to the US Food and Drug Administration, no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST treated and non-rbST treated cows. Thanks again for choosing Borden cheese!

  • Borden Cheese at 12:00pm, March 22

    Second slice or not? Discuss. Be sure to add #BordenSuperFan for the chance to win free cheese and butter for a year. We pick a new winner every month!

    • Lisa Ladonski at 1:51pm, March 22

      I refuse to eat anything called "open face"

    • James Lee Joslin at 7:04pm, March 23

      AWESOME #BordenSuperFan

    • Amy Klinebough at 2:28pm, March 22

      oh ya gotta have the 2nd slice yummy oooey gooey yumminess #BordenSuperFan

    • Carla Williams at 9:58pm, March 22

      Yes I would like the 2nd slice! #BordenSuperFan

    • Kirsten Kimball at 1:21am, March 23

      Yes! !!!!!

    • Maggie Smith at 9:06pm, March 22


    • Sheila Vives at 2:35pm, March 25

      I just can't imagine an open-faced grilled cheese. But I do like the fact that Grilled Cheese Sandwiches were a classic and served in older diners as a platter with sides. Miss the 50's styled diners ! #BordenSuperFan

    • Carol ONeil at 5:44pm, March 22

      Yes I like the second slice of bread. #BordenSuperFan

    • Donna Jeannine Johnson at 9:29pm, March 23

      ummmmmm my favorite some say its bot real cheese, I say its the only cheese... cold right out of the wrapper #BordenSuperFan

    • Tamara Schroth Bennington at 2:39pm, March 22

      YUM sliced second always adds the right touch! #BordenSuperFan

    • Betty Melton at 5:02pm, March 22

      2 slices plz#BordenSuperFan

    • Donna Ouimette at 1:01pm, March 22

      #BordenSuperFan yes 2 slices cheese tomatoes and 2 slices bread yummy can u tell where i grew up lol

    • Traci Anderson at 4:31pm, March 22

      #BordenSuperFan the more cheese the better!

    • Jenna Osborne at 1:33pm, March 22

      Definitely a second slice! #BordenSuperFan

    • Candice Dyer at 6:19pm, March 22

      Of course! #bordensuperfan

    • Kelsey Staples at 1:54pm, March 22

      2 slices. Nice trivia #BordenSuperFan

    • Susan McIntosh Ehret at 12:39pm, March 22

      Yes, definitely a second slice #BordenSuperfan

    • Tina David Konegan at 9:01am, March 23

      Always a second slice #BordenSuperFan

    • Pauline Cotton Osborne at 12:59pm, March 22

      #BordenSuperFan , I usually put two slices...did not know they began as open sandwiches, I do this type in toaster oven and broil it to melt...

    • Kat McQuaid at 6:29pm, March 22

      Go for the second slice! #BordenSuperFan :-)

    • Blake Cook at 5:23pm, March 22

      I feel like i would make a total mess without the second slice LOL! It protects the yummy and gooey cheese on the inside, plus you get another of yummy butter toasted bread - definitely need the second slice!!!! #BordenSuperFan

    • Millie Drew at 2:20pm, March 22

      yes- LOVE the extra cheese!! #BordenSuperFan

    • Marlene Mcglothlin at 1:54pm, March 22

      2 slices plz #BordenSuperFan

    • Stacey Grantham at 2:37pm, March 23

      #BordenSuperFan mmmm, yes please!

    • Denise Johnson at 10:28am, March 23

      #BordenSuperFan hook me up with that second slice, please!

  • Borden Cheese at 5:30pm, March 19

    This dip is a game-day slam-dunk. http://friendsofelsie.com/recipes/detail/214/game-day-chili-dip

  • Borden Cheese at 11:15am, March 17

    This is one of Elsie’s favorite holidays. Maybe it’s all the four-leaf clovers.

  • Dana Marie Germain at 1:20pm, March 16

    What a surprise she was in the mail today thank you so very much for making incredible products

  • Borden Cheese at 1:15pm, March 16

    Cheesy affirmations.

  • Borden Cheese at 4:00pm, March 15

    No matter how you fill it out, you can’t bust this bracket.

  • Susie Wickham at 10:41pm, March 13

    I truly wish you would bring back the tubs of spreadable sharp cheddar cheese you used to sell at Christmas.

  • Borden Cheese at 1:00pm, March 12

    Today is Popcorn Lover’s Day. This is how we’re celebrating. http://friendsofelsie.com/recipes/detail/114/sunshine-popcorn

  • Borden Cheese at 6:00pm, March 10

    What’s your favorite kind of cheese? Let us know for your chance to win free cheese. #BordenSuperFan https://my.extension.illinois.edu/documents/8092503090309/s2_0606_dairytrivia.pdf

  • Borden Cheese at 3:00pm, March 9

  • Borden Cheese at 10:00am, March 6

    Today is National Frozen Food Day. Did you know shredded Borden Cheese freezes great? That makes it easy to keep this staple on hand to top bagel pizzas or add to pasta, casseroles, burritos and other dishes.

    • Bob Morella at 10:30am, March 27

      Yes - I do freeze my cheese sometimes!!! Thanks for the tip though!!!

    • Mindy Hughes at 9:40pm, March 6

      No, I DIDN'T!!! Thanks for that tip. Also, I recently tried Borden's Shredded Gouda and it was awesome. So creamy and buttery-tasting!

    • Debbie Smith at 10:04am, March 6

      yes, i have 3 bags in the freezer...can't ever have too much Borden Cheese in my home!

  • Borden Cheese at 1:12pm, March 5

    March is National Nutrition Month. Need more calcium in your diet? Try cheddar, mozzarella, Monterey Jack, Gouda or Mexican blend. They’re also great sources of high-quality protein and gluten free. http://www.nationaldairycouncil.org/SiteCollectionDocuments/education_materials/cheese/Health%20Professional%20Cheese%20Nutrition%20Brochure%20Final.pdf

    • Bob Morella at 10:31am, March 27

      I love them all!! But again I am a #BordenSuperFan

  • Borden Cheese at 11:48am, March 3

  • Borden Cheese at 10:00am, March 3

    Show us your love of Borden Cheese and Butter in March and you could be our next big winner – that means free cheese and butter for a year! Just use #BordenSuperFan.

    • Laurie Marciniak at 2:20pm, March 3

      Awesometastic!!! #BordenSuperFan

    • Tonya N Mike at 4:55pm, March 20

      #Bordensuperfan I love it because my kids love it and its pretty healthy for them!

    • Tinha Cornelius Fitzgerald at 9:57pm, March 3


    • Randal Bailey at 11:12pm, March 3

      #BordenSuperFan! I love me some Borden cheese. Almost as much as my family!!!!

    • Christa Lopez at 2:14pm, March 4

      I love it! #BordenSuperFan

    • Miguel Orama at 11:57am, March 3

      I love borden american cheese and butter in my sandwich they make it so good and complete... #BordenSuperFan

    • Kathleen Walsh at 10:26am, March 3

      Congrats! Enjoy your cheese and butter!!!

    • Cynthia Stacey at 11:52pm, March 26

      Congrats!!! Robin!!! I love my Borden Cheese so much - Hoping I win this month - I keep trying!!! Been using Borden for years!!!!!! Woot! Woot!! #BordenSuperFan

    • Linda Vining Allen at 12:33pm, March 4


    • Bob Morella at 10:31am, March 27

      Hoping!!!! I love my Borden Cheese and I am definitely a #BordenSuperFan

  • Borden Cheese at 10:30am, February 28

    Submit your favorite limerick, haiku or poem about cheese. One random poet gets a coupon for free cheese!

    • Troy Craig at 3:22pm, February 28

      Borden cheese is the best. I wouldn't bother with the rest.

    • Beth Hans at 10:31am, February 28

      roses are red, violets are blue, but I would much rather have cheese

    • Kimberly Snyder at 2:33pm, February 28

      Yellow like the sun, Perfect for grilled cheese sandwich, Always makes me Smile.

    • Chantal Bell at 5:04pm, February 28

      Oh my what a lucky day!!! Borden cheese coupons are on the way!!!

    • Joy Crowell at 8:47pm, February 28

      Elsie's cheese is the best, eat if in north,south, east and westm

    • Lori Craig at 4:35pm, February 28

      Rose are red, violets are blue, cheese is satisfying and filling, too.

    • Pamela Collins Jester at 11:57am, February 28

      A hug without a squeeze is like a day without cheese!

    • Kathleen Walsh at 10:37am, February 28

      There was a young girl who loved cheese, but she couldn't have any as she didn't say please, so there she goes, down on her knees, now the girl is as happy as she can be!!

    • Tom Wood at 10:13am, March 3

      I would sail the high seas to find the perfect cheese. No, I'm not easy to please and I would fight through a swarm of bees or cross the Arctic Circle and freeze just to bring home that cheesiest of cheese. Jeez.

    • Michell Diana at 2:16pm, February 28

      I love cheese i cant live without it. Try to take MY cheese..think long and hard about it!!

    • Tinha Cornelius Fitzgerald at 3:20pm, February 28

      My Haiku: Borden Cheese is great; Love to eat it really late; Even on a date.

    • Amber Lee Kinnee at 11:49am, February 28

      Cheese is so tasty On sandwiches and salads Lets eat some cheese please Beverly Strong Chisnall

  • Borden Cheese at 1:00pm, February 27

    What did you love most about February? Was it Borden Cheese? Upload a picture of someone in your family enjoying their favorite Borden Cheese with #BordenSuperFan for the chance to win free cheese for a year. We pick a new winner every month!

  • Borden Cheese at 4:30pm, February 25


  • Michelle Gardner at 3:14pm, February 25

    I'm very disappointed with a recent purchase of your block cheddar cheese. In under a week of being unopened in my refrigerator, it was covered in mold. Can you please send me a coupon or voucher to replace it? The expiration date wasn't until July.

    • Borden Cheese at 6:37pm, March 3

      Hi Michelle, we're sorry to hear about this and would like to get some more information so we can take care of this for you. Kindly send us a private message with your phone number and we can give you a call.

  • Meagan Ky Parris at 9:22am, February 25

    I bought some Borden shredded sharp cheddar cheese on Monday and just opened it last night and the cheese was molded! Ruined my whole dinner for my family. So disappointed.

    • Borden Cheese at 2:19pm, February 25

      Hi Meagan - we're so sorry to hear about your experience. We would love to make it up to you, as well as get some more information off of that package so we can send this over to our team. Kindly send us a private message with your phone number and we can give you a call.

    • Meagan Ky Parris at 9:24am, February 25