The Leach Family

Linwood, KS

The Leach Family

We're Rob and Lisa Leach, and we live on a 220-acre farm in Linwood, Kansas. The Lin-Crest Farm has been passed down through our family. In fact, our three children, Taylor, Erin and Sophie, are the 4th generation to grow up here. And even though Rob has worked the farm since he was a small boy, it can get tricky taking care of 40 cows. But, our family works together to keep the cows happy so that they produce a quality milk for you and your families.

What would you like people who buy Borden® Cheese to know about you?

Our co-operative works extremely hard to produce the best product possible.

What's one thing you want people to think about when they buy Borden® Cheese?

We'd like them to know that we appreciate their support for farm families like ours and that they're providing us with an honest living.

How has life on the farm changed these past few years?

We actually live in a farmhouse that was built in 1884. Because of this, our biggest change on the farm is our house's current remodeling project.

What do you enjoy most about being a dairy farmer?

The short commute.

What does your family do in their free time?

Taylor and Erin both enjoy photography. This works out perfectly because Lisa used to be a professional cattle photographer. As a family, we enjoy showing cattle at the local, state and national level.